Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tristellateia australasiea (Malpighiaceae)


  1. Hello Greenspot, your callsign reminds me of the '60s when we had Sinalco and Greenspot bottle pop drinks.
    Wonder whether they still have those now.

    Love your blog pictures. And I assume you took these pics? Well taken too, love your closeups.
    I too love photography, but more on portrait photography, making women beautiful thru my camrea lens.

    You have a nice day. Hmmm, can't see here anywhere you're a lady or gentleman, ha ha. Best regards, Lee.

  2. Dear Greenspot
    Nice flowers. Haven't seen these in Miri yet...

    I have to ask you for the name of the tree which sheds its bark featured in my blog?

    What is the name of the colour given to the trunk? Isn't it an unusual colour?

    Hope you are well and not overworked.

    Greetings from Miri.