Sunday, August 23, 2009

Songs from the Good Old Days

Liu Wen Zhen was one of the Chinese pop song idols from Taiwan in the 1970's until the 1980's. Liu has even performed at one of the theatres in Sibu in the 1970's. He exited from his singing career at his peak and ventured into business, now residing in the United States of America as a businessman. So, let's listen to his songs once more......


  1. This is the first time I heard about Liu Wen Zhen and his songs. I like his clear melodious voice. The first song is classic and the second song is lively, which I like both! Thanks for sharing ;)

  2. Nice to re-live the old times....
    Fancy a young man liking old songs by Liu Wen Jen! Sibu was so full of music in the olden days that we loved to linger on the five foot ways and listen to free music. It was much later that I managed to buy a turn table...and then I found that it was not cheap to buy those black vinyl records! When cassette tapes arrived we were so eager to make friends with those who had tape recorders and enjoy "copying" the songs by Connie Francis and Cliff Richard to name a few. I still have some of those old tapes...
    Times have changed the music shops blare out Hindustani movie theme the malls...

  3. Benedict,

    Yeah, Liu Wen Zhen has slip into oblivion and I remember when I was in my primary school, the radio station and music shops used to play his songs which was popular at that time.

    But I hardly heard his song anymore.


    Liu Wen Zhen is probably later than Connie Francis and Cliff Richard. Used to listen to his songs "free" also from neigbour's radio and music stores when I was in primary school.

    Hope the songs help to rekindle old times.