Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bamboo - an indispensable grass for all seasons

During the last few weeks, the garbage bins in my neighbourhood have been toppled by a few stray dogs looking for food among the garbages. As a result garbages were strewn all over the places.

But lo and behold! Today, someone resourceful has come up with a solution to deter the dogs from toppling the bins using bamboo poles. Ingenious, isn't it?

Bamboos belong to the grass family but is placed in a separate family due to the presence of woody culms or stems. It finds its usefulness in lots of situations - from "pansuh" to building material and as conduit for water.


  1. Nice to read an article from you!!
    Happy Easter!

  2. Sarawakiana,

    A Happy Easter to you and your family too.



    I dont understand your message.


  3. I remember you wrote somewhere why streams are red in Sibu....could you tell me again?


  4. Hello Sarawakiana,

    The red coloration in "Ang Chiu Kau" common in peat swamp area such as Sibu is due to the presence of chemicals from the peat such as tannins. Tannins is present in tea and coffee and other drinks. Apart from the red colour, the red water also contains lots of organic acids. Oftne you can also find frothing due to humic acid (from humus).