Sunday, November 8, 2009

Destinations on the way to another destination: Bau and Lundu

If you are heading for the coastal town of Sematan, you will be passing two towns: Bau and Lundu. There are attractions which you can visit in these two lovely towns.


Besides the Fairy and Wind Caves, on the way along the Kuching-Bau road, you can also visit the Paku hotspring. Look out for the Paku Quarry not far from Bau town. Opposite the quarry is the Paku hot spring.

Paku Quarry

Paku Hotspring

You can also visit Tasik Biru, site of a former gold mine.


Another town you will pass by is Lundu. At Lundu, you can visit the Gunung Gading National Park to see the Rafflesia. There are beaches nearby to Lundu such as Pandan and Siar Beaches.

Siar Beach (Sarawak bank Employees Union - SBEU) Resort

Pandan Beach

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