Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Museum for Sibu

A museum for Sibu?

Not that there is no Museum in Sibu but I feel that the current one housed at the Civic Centre (Dewan Suarah) is a bit too far away and out of the way for most visitors to the town even though the exhibits are excellent.

I always believe a museum should always be strategically located and better still when it is near the town centre, especially for a small town. Besides, the building should also be imposing with nice compound. The former SMC building is located in the heart of Sibu town and has a park next to it. In my opinion, it therefore fits in the bill.

The former SMC building is now being renovated with the Upper Floor meant for the museum with exhibits and artifacts from the Dewan Suarah Museum while from what I gathered, the ground floor will be used as eateries. In my opinion, the current exhibits at the Dewan Suarah is among the best in Sarawak and with a new 'house', it will make an excellent museum! However, I do hope that the Museum will be professionally run and managed. There should be permanent exhibits as will as space for exhibition that changes with themes.

I look forward to visiting the museum when it is ready and open for visitors.


  1. It is indeed good news to know thatthe old SMC building will be turned into a museum.

    Well done Sibu leaders!

  2. this is good news, a proper museum