Friday, September 11, 2009

Old Street of Sibu

The following photo shows a row of one the oldest shophouses in Sibu. The buildings were put up after the great fire of 1928 that almost completely destroyed Sibu town. Before the fire, there was a row of wooden belian shophouses in its place. The wooden shophouses were mostly owned by Hokkiens.

In front of the shophouses is the oldest street in Sibu. Before the great fire of 1928, the street was known as Guan Thiean Street and was a popular street. It was named after a Mr. Teo Guan Thiean who owned a sundry goods shop there. Later, after the fire, concrete shophouses were put up. And the street in front was named "Old Street". Some of Guan Thiean children moved to Singapore while a few are still in Sibu. Today the street is named "Chew Geok Lin Street" after the founder of Wah Tat Bank. Wah Tat Bank was the oldest bank in Sibu which was started during the Rajah Brooke's reign but has since merged with Hong leong Bank.

Today, you can find Hong Leong Bank (formerly Wah Tat Bank), Transit Book Store, one or two plush restaurants or eateries there. Dr. Wong Soon Kai's Clinic used to be there.


  1. ohhh! thanks for the info. cafe cafe is there and the place is nice to take a stroll around at night :)

  2. ah! on the second thought, maybe not a nice place to take a stroll at night, too many swallows flying around

  3. Some bits of history I still don't know!!

    Thanks for the write up...