Wednesday, February 18, 2009

British Colonial Era Government Quarters in Kuching

When you are in cities or towns in North America or Europe such as Paris, London, San Francisco, New York, Rome or Perth, the old parts remain the same year after year and decade after decade or even century after century. For instance, at Cambridge and Oxford, buildings at the universities are very well preserved over centuries.

Similarly, in Paris, the Latin Quarters or Le Quartier Latin remain unchanged over centuries which includes the University of Paris. Many rich monuments are also to be found in the area. Tourists often love to stroll through this quaint, historic area; its many caf├ęs, restaurants, theaters, and little bookshops make it a lively and attractive place to visit.

If you take a ride along Maxwell Road or Uplands Raod, Lowlands Road or Midlands Road in Kuching, you will feel like you are in an Australian or British towns or suburbs. These are the colonial quarters of the British era.

Some of the British colonial era bungalows currently still being maintained as government quarters while some have been used by societies such as the Single Mothers' Society, Senior Citizens' Society and Breast Cancer Support Group.

Some of the old quarters are still quite well maintained but a lot have been renovated beyond recognition. There must be law to gazette such buildings as heritage buildings to remind the younger generations of the colourful past. Renovation should also be strictly regulated. The tiled roofs of the old government quarters for instance have been replaced by zinc sheets which seem out of place.


  1. This is most interesting as I lived in Maxwell Road Kuching ('Lynton' was the name of the house) from 1952 to 55 and have very clear memories of it and of Kuching.
    I am thinking of visiting Kuching again to see what changes have been made in 55 years and would very much like to correspond with someone/a group who are resident there.

  2. Hello Parsifal

    Do you have email address?