Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Food for thought - Foochow bagels

Kompia, to me, is Sibu's answer to the bagel.

Kompia is unique to the Foochows, particularly those in Sibu. The early migrant Foochows brought with them the pastry to Sibu from Southern China and there is a legend attached to it.

Some called it Foochow burger but I prefer to called it Foochow bagel.

(From the above two tmages, can anyone distinguish which is kompia and bagel)
Both are oven baked and have sprinkling of sesame seeds on top of it (and with hole in the middle too).

Nowadays, you can find kompia with meat slices or minced meat stuffed in it. But I wonder why nobody upgraded it just like bagel in the United States - filling with a choice of cheese, tuna, salmon, and so forth. Even garlic kompia would be good as garlic can help to reduce cholesterol. I guess it is time for enterprising businessmen to learn from the bagel shop in North America.

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